February 6, 2012

In case you're looking for a brand new hotel with 4.5 star amenities, that is close to
the Red Line and is in a very, very safe and quiet district, Oasia Hotel will be the answer 
to your prayers. It's located at the Novena Station and is only two stops from the Orchard Station
on the Red Line. It is very accessible, very clean, and the service is excellent. 

It also has a grandiose pool deck with a beautiful view of neighboring condos. 

 The pooldeck.

 The view from our room.
Excuse the photo quality. It was taken against glass.

Beside the neighboring buildings.

The Zen Garden on the far end of the deck.

Unique displays at the base of the hotel.

The neighboring condos.

Novena Station.

All images taken from Oasia Hotel Singapore and Novena Station in Singapore, Singapore.
All images (c) thecopyrightofbrandmarie.blogspot.com.

February 5, 2012

Singapore is also worth seeing at night because the city really comes to life.

Another version of the Merlion in Sentosa.

The financial district all up in lights.

 The Helix Bridge, in stark contrast to what it looks like in the daytime.

The Art Science Museum - beautiful building.

All images taken at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Singapore.
All images (c) thecopyrightofbrandmarie.blogspot.com.

February 4, 2012

Marina Bay Sands is one of the must see tourist attractions in Singapore. 
You'll see the majestic, three-building structure right when you get off the MRT 
at the Marina Bay Sands Station on the Red Line. Unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture of it.

On the top floor it houses an eternity pool, from which you can see the full extent of the city. 
If you're not a guest at the hotel, it will cost SGD20 to access the top floor. 
I didn't get to see it either as I was too pressed for time. 
It'll have to be the first on my list when I go back. 

Aside from the magnificent pool deck (which I have yet to see) 
the hotel is also home to a grand, first-class shopping mall, 
which contains your every branded desire.

The Shoppes was decorated Chinese New Year style for the holiday.

 This is what it looks like at closing time.

Right next to The Shoppes and resting on top of the water, 
is a beautiful glass building dedicated only to a Louis Vuitton store.
It was so full when I was there.

The tourism board thought of everything as they even had mist to cool down passersby
as they walk the vast expanse of the area towards Marina Bay Sands, the Art Science Museum
and the Helix Bridge. The last two structures will be featured in a separate entry.

 The area across Marina Bay Sands is also a sight to see. 
It is a beautiful cityscape that contains the Financial District of Singapore. 

All images taken at the Marina Bay Sands Station in Singapore, Singapore.
All images (c) thecopyrightofbrandmarie.blogspot.com.

February 3, 2012

This mean thing deserves it's own entry. 

It's called Battlestar Galactica and it's located in Sci Fi City in Universal Studios Singapore.
It's a freaky, two section rollercoaster where you can choose to ride either as a human (red) or a cyborg (blue).
Human carts go fast, but riders are safely tucked into their red roller coaster carts.
The cyborg carts on the other hand, go faster and riders experience the cold thrill of having their 
individual seats swing at every twist and turn while their feet dangle above ground.  

What the frak.

All images taken at Universal Studios Singapore.
All images (c) thecopyrightofbrandmarie.blogspot.com.

February 2, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore!!!

All images taken at Universal Studios Singapore.
All images (c) thecopyrightofbrandmarie.blogspot.com.

February 1, 2012

Singapore is an amazing city with tons of places to see and a million things to do!
It is also quite interesting to see during Chinese New Year!

To start, let me take you through Sentosa. 

Sentosa is 4-part island resort in Singapore and home to the world famous 
Asian version of Universal Studios. Sadly we only got to really go around 
Resorts World Sentosa because there were just too many people and too little time.

Sentosa is accessible through various means:

(1) The Sentosa Express, which is a train from Vivo City that takes you all the way to either
the Beach Station, Resorts World (where Universal Studios is), and all the way back.

(2) The Sentosa Bus, which is also accessible via Vivo City. I assume it takes you all the way
to the different stations in Sentosa as well.

(3) Cable car, which we originally wanted to ride but could not find where it began and ended.

(4) And finally, the Sentosa Boardwalk, which is my favorite of all 4 because you are treated
to a beautiful view of the harbor front. It's only a 30 minute walk from Vivo City to
Resorts World Sentosa, but from there you will have to take the Sentosa Express to be able
to see the Beach Station.

All images taken at Resorts World Sentosa and the Sentosa Boardwalk.
All images (c) thecopyrightofbrandmarie.blogspot.com.