February 24, 2011



It was the last time in a long time that the girls and I would see each other again. Diana was leaving the city, I was leaving the country, Yvonne was getting married and Hanna was staying right where she was. It was the last of what seemed like a thousand trips we’d taken together – from the fifteen-minute walks we took from school to the mall back in high school, to the several hour long drives to the hot springs and the mountains, to the endless plane rides we’d taken to the beach and back. It was amazing how at that point, what seemed to us like an eternity of friendship could be summarized in just a few sentences, some bits of random memories, and the ‘thousand’ trips we’d taken together. Fifteen minutes to fifteen years. It all went by so fast. As we reveled in the silence that surrounded us in the place we’d chosen to spend our last few hours together, we wondered if anything would ever fill the void left by the trips we would no longer take with each other.

Photo taken in Caleruega, Philippines.


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